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Haunted Nevada

January – February 2020

Something Spectral Part 1: Carson City offers a host of spooky sites. BY MEGG MUELLER & ERIC CACHINERO With an arsenal of abandoned historical buildings and eerie locations, Nevada can occasionally be spooky. Much of the energy stems from the state’s mining history, which got grizzly and dark at times. Mine fires and construction catastrophes […]

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City Limits

Nevada Nuggets

November – December 2019

Anyone traveling through Nevada may have noticed a common occurrence beyond the majestic mountains, stunning views, and neon lights. For frequent travelers of the Silver State, there’s another sign you’re in Nevada: seeing a casino with the word nugget in the name.

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A Century of Suffrage

January – February 2020

In 1910, the penalty for stealing (or kidnapping) a girl in Nevada was five years in prison or a fine of $2,000, while anyone convicted of stealing a horse could be imprisoned for 14 years. At the same time, if a U.S. woman married a foreigner, she lost her citizenship. Another law during the early 1900s, this one concerning community property between a husband and wife, allowed a man to sell or will community property without the consent of his wife. And finally, any wages a woman earned while living with her husband were not deemed her property unless her husband allowed her to use the wages, which were then considered a gift from him. 

The rancor felt about the above-noted laws being created without any say from female constituents was growing, and the cry of “taxation without representation” was reborn. While that sentiment was enough to ignite the American Revolution, it sparked little fire with the male citizens of the young nation. It took until 1920 before half of the citizens of the U.S. were granted the right to vote. But the fight began long before. 

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